Mashed Cover Ups: Social media sucks

***Originally published January 2023***

I'm not gonna lie. I been a little frustrated lately with social media. Mostly Twitter. It's nothing but 2 sides saying anything and everything they can to piss each other off. The memes arent even funny anymore. Social media has run it's course for me. I'm thinking that the only interactions I will have from now on will only be on Hive. If my posts on Dbuzz make it over to Twatter it's because I actually remembered to push that button on Dbuzz. But from now on all my social media will be here on Hive and the Fediverse (Guess I should log into Mastodon once in a while, Lol).

This episodes playlist is made of some kick ass mashups and covers that made me feel better about life. I hope they make you feel better too. Please, go check out these people and support them as much as you can.