SEC vs XRP: Judgement S2ep21


Today Allen & Unkle B talk about the recent judgement handed down on the SEC vs XRP case

The Sound of Freedom?


In this episode I first try to show off CastGardens Podcasting 2.0 features but failed miserably as I picked Podverse Web to attempt to subscribe to my own RSS feed.

Web3 Missed It! Maybe. S2Ep20


Today Allen Taylor & Unkle Bonehead discuss Threads and how Web3 missed a great chance for adoption.

Dont lose sight of the end goal!


I originally posted this back in January of 2023. But I think it still needs to be said so I am reposting this here hoping to ram the message home. Once again.

Social Tokens: Who, What & Why? S2Ep19

Today Allen & Unkle Bonehead discus Social Tokens. What they are, who they are for, how to create them & why someone would want one.