8 billion stronger versions

***Orinally published December 2023***

58 yrs ago Paul Harvey broadcast his "Freedom to Chains" monologue. People didn't realize just how prophetic it was. Everything he talked about in it came to fruition. Fast forward to today and we have people such as Chris Webby and Oliver Anthony not mincing words while calling out the "Rich Men North of Richmond". People all over the world are having a "Panic Attack" while living in their little "Fantasy" bubbles. The people are divided and the ones in power pit the left against the right while playing both sides. They just want power over everybody. They don't honestly care about either side. They just cause chaos until we get a disaster the size of "Godzilla" that will tromp and squash everything and everyone to dust. Leaving us to pick up the pieces and "Frankenstein" society back together again.

The manipulators conspire among themselves, while wielding weapons of war, are salivating for the opportunity to turn them on you and I. They use the media of all kinds to turn friends and families against each other. If you dare to speak something out of line you could become a "Fugitive". Even in your own home. In a world where it feels like everybody is going crazy you will feel like you're "The Last in Line".

The answer to all of this is pretty simple. Listen closely to the lyrics of the last song. There are an estimated 8,082,208,001 people right now and rising every second. If we all emulated the actions of Tom Macdonald and just not hate ourselves. Be comfortable with yourself and dont be jealous of what someone else has. Be happy with what you, yourself do with your life. Help other people when they need it and just have a general sense of compassion for your fellow human being. Just imagine what would happen to those manipulators in charge. They would lose all control over everything. Remember that another person only has the power over you that you give to them.

The power of the individual is what will make the difference. As it always have through out history. It all starts with you. In 2024 I'm going to commit to being a "Stronger Version" of myself.

What about you?

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