Introducing The Troll

October 19, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute
### This is a Vtuber character I have created. I intend to make short videos lambasting as many things that I find to either be funny or just flat out stupid and wrong with the world today. Chances are someone somewhere will get offended. But I dont care anymore. I may do some stuff live with him. Most likely on @vimm & or Twitch. If my connection can handle streaming to two places at once. I seem to run into issues when I try to do both. If he starts to get popular I will probably get him his own Hive account, lol. But he will always be posted the Loud & Proud community.


Just an old bag that likes to be decentralized and utilize Free Speech. I love and use Linux and as much FOSS as possible for work and play. Current favorite distro is Tromjaro with Pop!OS as a close second. As it stands I am currently extremely happy with Tromjaro but will be checking out Pop again when they get their rust desktop released. I may not go back to it full time unless I can somehow magically afford a System 76 Thelieo or Meerkat.