Privacy Policy

There isn’t one. I do not track you or your presence here. I am not a stalker and you shouldn’t be either. It’s not a very healthy way to live. You should probably go outside and touch grass or seek professional help if you are stalking me.


Are not allowed on this site. If you wish to leave comments please contact me on or one of the other social media sites I am on.


The majority of the audio/video media is hosted on Cast.Garden. Some content of the audio/video contain copy written material that is used with express permission from the holders with the intent to provide free advertisement of the performers. I am not paid to play any content and do not attempt to make any monetary gain from them. I want you to go buy it from the artists.


Are awesome. Best served with a glass of ice cold milk.

Who I share your data with?

Nobody. As already mentioned I dont even know you are here looking in through the windows.

How long we retain your data?

Never. Dont have it, cant keep it.

What rights you have over your data?

You should have all of them. It’s your data after all. Stop giving it up to the big tech companies and get on Web3 social media like Mastadon, Ecency & Dbuzz. Use places such as Cast.Garden & Peertube for podcasts and entertainment.

Where your data is sent

With big tech who knows? It’s most likely the highest paying advertiser. Did you know that Google has a profile they have built on every user over the many years that they’ve had an account. That includes people in the USA that are now old enough to drink, vote. There are adults alive right now that have a Google profile from the day they were born! That company knows literally everything about them.

Why did they do this?

Because they see humans as a product they sell to advertisers and we let them do it for some “free” stuff.

We all should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it!