My New Site


So you may notice a change to the site here. It’s not just a blob of links to my social media and podcasts. I’m turning it into my own little corner of the web.

I dont want to make this post too god awful long. Becuase I’m not much into writing. Although I’ve been told I write better than I talk. Which I do agree. I suck at talking. Especially if I’ve been drinking. Lol. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of why I’m changed up my site.

#1 Money

Let’s face it. Money is tight these days. And my yearly bill is almost up for both sites. This one and Defluenced podcast. So I will not be renewing them. Instead I am migrating them both to Github pages and building them with Hugo.

Since both of them have pretty simple requirements I think I can get away with utilizing the same theme for both. I will of course you this site as a testing ground for things I want to implement on Deluenced. The audio/video media will be hosted on CastGarden for this site and I will do my best to keep it up to date everytime I post to CastGarden and long form content I post to Ecency.

#2 The US Federal Government

With the FED’s declaring war on crypto there is always a chance that they make crypto illegal in the USA and as a result cutting me off from Hive. Even though I dont use it as a crypto currentcy there is that aspect of it that the government just dont like for some reason. Must be that they percieve it as competition. Lol. I dont think they can shut it down but I wont put it passed them to attempt to geo block any domain associated with crypto exchanges and force the reporting of it to the IRS. Which is extremely stupid. As I’ve said many time before. I do not trust the government. Especially with the current adminstration full of hard nosed statits.

So there you have it. Those are the reasons why I made these changes and what you will see coming in the future.