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Drop the Mic S1Ep9 StickUpBoys

<center> [![](https://ipfs-3speak.b-cdn.net/ipfs/bafybeigaehmrnhwr6hsclblprlujbune5vuumqghabgic6j4iupwwieqa4/)](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/uqcgzfqg) ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/uqcgzfqg) </center> --- We got to sit down and talk with Face from the StickUpBoys. We talked about everything under the sun and even played an exclusive new remix of "Going Out" by James Black! Both @polarmystro and myself are big fans of these guys and everything they do! ### Playlist - [Turn Me Up](https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=WCy4m46KIqY&feature=share) - Going Out (James Black ReMix) - Unrelased - [DNA](https://youtu.be/gXTU3F-DZvY) - [BTT](https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=WCy4m46KIqY&feature=share) ### StickUpLinks - https://songwhip.com/stick-up-boys - https://stickupboys.co.uk - https://peakd.com/@stickupboys --- ### Drop the Mic Drop the Mic is a show that discusses the new and emerging music industry on the blockchain & Web 3.0. With news, reviews and interviews some of the best new artists from all genres from all around the world. And of course lots & lots of that sweet ass music! Hosted by [Polarmystro](https://www.beatzchain.com/@polarmystro) & [Unkle Bonehead](https://www.beatzchain.com/@unklebonehead) Brought to you by [Beatzchain](https://beatzchain.com) & [MSPWaves](https://mspwaves.com) --- Beneficiarys @bambukah is 10% @stickupboys is 50% --- ▶️ [3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/uqcgzfqg)

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music-beatcz :

Most awesome indeed √√√√√√ !HBIT !LUV !WINE

thisismylife :

Nice one @stickupboys @unklebonehead @polarmystro :)

stickupboys :

Big up thanks for taking your time to chat with us and play our music! Much appreciated!

rcaine :

I love the new remix of "Going Out". Thanks for sharing.

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