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Drop the Mic S1Ep13 Tah Records

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Tonight we got to talk with Tah Records. They are not just another indie label. In fact they are nothing like any record label you've ever seen. Just listen and find out.

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The Playlist Mind the Bullock https://soundcloud.com/user-147904526/always-mind-the-bullock Pre Dawn Somewhere https://soundcloud.com/user-147904526/pre-dawn-somewhere The Stress Cones - Dub Plate #10 https://soundcloud.com/tah-records/sets/the-stress-cones-dub-plate-10

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Drop the Mic A weekly show on Wednesdays 8-9pm EST 12-1am UTC. Hosted by @polarmystro and myself. It's a show about indie music and showcases not only some of the greatest musicians on the Hive blockchain but from outside of the blockchain as well. Presented by the Beatzchain community on Hive.

It's streamed on the following sites: https://mspwaves.com https://www.vimm.tv/c/msp-waves https://mspwaves.theta.tv/

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double-eagle :

This show was a ton of fun, thanks again for having me on! @unklebonehead and @beatzchain !!



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alex-rourke :

Really cool interview you guys. I'm a fan. I heard you mentioned @emanateofficial, The Emanate app and website is really coming together, very happy about that.

Also a little heads up for @double-eagle: just bought 1 edition of Primal Numb3r5 on NFTunz, but I think it's broken 'cause it won't play: