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Two of The Hardest Words to Say

In today's world there are two words that are so often forgotten. They mean a lot to the receiver of them. But more often than not the two simple words go unspoken. And that can totally tear down someone at a base level.

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Lets face it. Every body will need something from somebody else at some point. Nobody can do literally everything or make everything for themselves. Even the most avid DIYer cant do it. Even they will need to purchase or accuire something from someone else. Be it a service or a product. Often times those transactions are made with the occasional heartless "Thank you, have a nice day." I'm not saying you wont find a business owner/employee that isn't genuinely saying it. They do exist. And are usually the best when it comes to customer service.

But for most people in their day to day life those two words can make or break friendships, relationships. It can even completely change a persons outlook on life over years of never hearing those two simple words.

It shows appreciation

Not just for what you received from someone. So many people get into routines and more often than not those routines come with levels of expectations. We just naturally assume someone is giving to us because they are required to do so. This is where we fall very short as a society. Many people nowadays believe that they have a right to the service or possessions of others. When in reality it exactly opposite. Over time this thought process beats down the human condition and only serves to make those selfish people believe that they are better than others in the circle of life.

You will find people today still care about and for others. They just want to give. They aren't looking for recognition. They don't want to go up some social ladder. They just want to make others happy and feel good about themselves.

What am I trying to say. Honestly I dont know. It just hit me this morning that you hardly hear those two words said in this day and time. So I went to a couple of discord servers and thanked everybody. I then went to my team mates in the Dreemport Ecency challenge and told them that I was glad they were a part of my world.

And now I'm telling you all. Thank you. Thank you for all you do and thank you for being you. Thank you for being a part of my world. Thank you for supporting me in my never ending quest to be a decentralized content creator. Thank you for all the friendships over the years. And here to many, many more.

I dare you!

I dare you to go to someone randomly. Just pick someone. Comment on their post and say thank you for it. Or just DM them and say you were thinking of them. Tell them you love and appreciate them for who they are. And thank them for being them. Kick it up a notch and go do it in real life. You will be astonished with their physical reaction. But be prepared. It could get pretty emotional. Especially if the person you say it hasn't heard it for a long time from you.

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melinda010100 :

Thank you! ♥️ I appreciate all that you do for all of us! You share your knowledge and talents and we know we can come to you when we need assistance with technical stuff. My personal favorite are the Ecency ads you made that were played during the Sim Racer's Edge events last season. They were marvelous- This one is my favorite If anyone missed seeing this they need to spend 30 sec. and take a look! I looked forward to commercial breaks all season! Thank you for the time you spent making this.

dandays :

Thank you.

It's a cultural thing too though. Not all cultures are the same. I was coached prior to going to parts of the Middle East like Palestine for example, and Israel, thank you is a sign of weakness.

I kill a mufuker with kindness, it's our culture. I'm may I, may I please at the start of everything and always end with thank you. Depending where you are, you have to bend. Cultural differences are real and fun. I could say these things but until you're in it, it's tough to understand. I'll always insist also, to whoever's listening, that it's the foreigners job to bend and accept rather than impose their culture onto others. Imposing is rude.

Another fun one is smiling. It's always easy to spot the Americans, they're always smiling. And once you're away from the US long enough you realize just how creepy that is. Buncha fake ass facial expressions going on. Takes awhile but eventually it clicks cuz at first you think everyone else is rude when really they're just not being fake and creepy.

Ok, I think this comment is long enough now.

intishar :

Sometimes saying thank you smile can change many things. It's seems very small and took few seconds but it create huge impact.

Besides I think it create a good impression also. So I am saying thank you for sharing this ☺️.

ivvl :

Indeed, two words that are not difficult to pronounce, and our generation has grown up with the fact that you should always give thanks, even for the small things. Unfortunately, you hear this less and less these days. And in the end, kindness costs nothing, we all have it for free. So, THANK YOU for sharing this!

mypathtofire :

Thank you @unklebonehead

seckorama :

I think these two words are the most devalued, they are used too much, for every fig.

darthsauron :

Thank you is just a word. A word that has magical powers. You turn to your beloved, you hug her and say "Thank you". Or to your parents, "Thank you for raising me." It's a simple word with a huge meaning. It doesn't take much to say it, but it can warm even the saddest souls.

nickydee :

Nicely done :)

Yep! Expectations and entitlement ruin relationships. Never a good thing!

Thank you for your thoughts on that. 🙏

george-dee :

Thanks you for reminding the essence of showing appreciate, it is a simple word that carries heave meaning but we usually pay attention to it because we don't see the need for it.

This means a lot and I am spreading the word.

tehseen-akhtar :

Thank you for sharing such a nice post,and to be thankful on small things make us happy and increase love in between us.

nkemakonam89 :

Wow, let me start by saying "thank you for this amazing piece"🤩 Thank you is a powerful words that can put smile on someone face and motivate that being to keep pushing .

I came through dreemport.

adoore-eu :

People are thankless these days and if everyone can use the words, the world would be a better place

ksam :

Thank you @unclebonehead for this wonderful piece, Thank you for your inspiring words, Thank you for motivating me to Thank someone today, O well, I can't remember a day that I don't Thank anybody...

However, this masterpiece is a greater reminder and a call for us to be Thankful, grateful and appreciate others genuinely and not for publicity sake.

Thank you once more Dreemport led me to you 🥰