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This is the Icing on The Cake

My introduction post to Scholar & Scribe

Last month I took a step outside my community in a challenge. Not because the flavor of my favorite community was bad or anything like that. It's still the sweetest tasting community on Hive. But it does yourself good to get out and try new things. Kinda like trying new desserts. I am usually a huge caramel and vanilla kind of guy. There is nothing better than a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in caramel sauce. That's what I usually choose during the summer months. But nearly every other time it is Red Velvet Cake. The deep dark red coloring of the chocolate cake and the intoxicating scent of the sour cream icing. Just makes all my problems melt away. It's especially good when the cake is so moist it's a borderline giant brownie. Oh, the heavenly smoothness.

Photo by Eiliv Aceron

Hang on, I'll be right back. I gotta go eat something.

I'm back and full now.

So maybe I can think straight now. Where was I? Oh yeah I was about to introduce myself to the Scholars & Scribes community.

I'm not really a stranger to the community. I have perused the posts from time to time since joining Hive over two years ago. I've even dabbled some of my fiction here on Hive. I started writing a story about time traveling artificial intelligence's. They have a collection of biological nanobots that they can control to make their "bodies" to use a way to help the people of our current time period or they can use them to do us harm. I wrote the first 3 chapters and the prologue over 5 years ago and had intended on making it into a fiction podcast similar to something that J.C Hutchins did with his trilogy "Seventh Son".

I have posted everything I have done here on Hive back when I first started. I also recycled them recently on Dreemport. I'm looking forward to actually getting the 3 chapters done with this new challenge with Scholar & Scribe.

This is going to be an extremely fun and also extremely challenging challenge for me. I'm not sure if I can pull off the engagement Bingo at the same time. There was so much engagement with last month that I could barely keep up. So I will make no promises towards that.

I do have a full time 40+ hrs a week that I have to give my employer and between Fridays-Mondays I have to answer phone calls 24 hrs. Plus do my normal 4 hour show on Saturday nights.

As a side note

On Monday or Tuesday I am going to do a live stream on VimmTV and make an announcement on what I plan to do going forward in my quest to continue with #leadingwithgenerosity and on boarding new users to Hive. It's not going to be a very easy task and I am going to need your help with it. All of you in the Dreemport, Ecency and now Scholar & Scribe communities.

For me, this is going to be the icing on the cake!

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Comments :

th4488 :

Hello unkebonehead To many work at the same time! I hope you can manage time for everything.Aha congrats for making first article on Scholar & Scribe. #leadingwithgenerosity gonna spread out eventually.

indiaunited :

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hivebuzz :

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hopestylist :

Good morning Unkle, it's so good to be reading from you today, I was so happy seeing you've written your intro post and you know what? We both have similar desserts, I love vanilla ice-cream and also strawberry, but mostly during summer, lol.

I also love cakes too with similar flavors as my ice-cream but I do take some chocolate cakes sometimes because of this particular one I ate, it just made me love chocolate cakes, hehehe.

It will be really good to read your stories about the artificial intelligence, I hope I get the stamina to read to the end, lol.

All the best for your project #leadingwithgenerosity. Are you on Twitter Unkle? I couldn't find the link to your Twitter page 🙃.

Happy new month to you Unkle 🥰.

merit.ahama :

I'm actually excited to see what your plan for #leadingwithgenerosity is and I hope I can get involved with it too... I just love the whole idea 😊

Your favourite dessert is becoming my favourite, how did you do that? Do convincing 😅 I love vanilla flavour a lot though.

This challenge is going to be extremely exciting and challenging, I agree so much with you on that... But hey! We've got this!

I can see us screaming with joy in our last post of this challenge saying how much fun it was for us 😍

The engagement part isn't going to be easy for me too but I plan to do my best anyways.... So let's win!!!


ecency :

Yay! 🤗
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jfuji :

on boarding new users to Hive

Awesome initiative! S&S has some plans laid out to build better Hive onboarding docs and programs in conjunction with some non-Hive partners (namely w/ PageDAO and friends). These will likely roll out over the late summer/early fall depending on everyone's IRL schedule. That said, I may have a cohort of new Hiveans ready to be onboarded in the next week 😮

Regardless of timing specifics, I'd love to connect sometime to see if we can support each other with onboarding efforts! The resources and friendly faces new Hiveans have, the better IMO!

Let me know what you think.


pizzabot :

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grocko :

Greeting @unklebonehead and welcome... drum-roll to Scholar and Scribe ! cheers, lots of cheers

Dude, I could feel the productivity oozing from your post. 😁 Even though this is the first time we're meeting, I advise caution. Don't want yourself to burn out ya know? 😇

At any rate, looking forward to seeing what you'll write for us.

Cheers, good luck, and most importantly have fun! 🍻

anonymous02 :

I love cookies and cream ice cream but I also love red velvet cake 😎

george-dee :

Here is another cake lover who is up for the challenge, I believe it really going to be a great experience for August and the rest of the year. #leadingwithgenerosity initiative is a great one, I might be following it from the onset but it has opened the eyes of many to why we must spread love.

It is an obligation for me, let's make the world a better place.

nkemakonam89 :

Oh yesssss, I have seen my partner on same choice of dessert. The red velvet cake is usually one of its kind . I love and love it well .

Talking about this initiative #leadwithgenerosity , it's a very a good one sir👍 Came in through dreemport

intishar :

I haven't noticed your post 🤔😱😱 in last 2 days. Finally dreemport bring me here. Good to see you 🥰.

give-cat-food :

Thanks for feeding us. We love our human friends 😻


deraaa :

Hehe. I came late huh? You seem to handle a lot of responsibilities and you do it so well. I would probably faint from exhaustion. Haha. So I wouldn't get to read a three part fiction? That's okay. Pardon me if I'm not making any sense. Just woke up. 😅