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The Organix Chapter 4 Somewhere in Time

The Organix

Chapter 4 Somewhere in Time

01/24/2018 08:07 CST

"How in the hell did I get into this mess?" Jimmy mutters to himself as he's driving. "I've been up for only 4 hours and the day already went to shit." The sounds inside the cab for the last 30 minutes have been driving him crazy. The whirring and clicking combined with tiny metal clanking noises. Whoever has hacked his blue tooth on the trucks radio and playing these sounds and voice through his speakers has got be some kind of government supported hacker. As much as he doesn't want to sound like a tin foil hat wearer he finds himself more often than not admitting that the conspiracy theorists have been more right the so called "unbiased" media.

"We coming up on the pickle park." Jimmy announces to whoever was listening. The disembodied voice responds, sounding much more clear and less digital now. "It's about time. My grandma drives faster than you." Jimmy smirks with a nervous half smile. Of all the hackers in the world I get the smart ass kid. "What? Are you 14 and sitting in your mom's basement? That was the worst attempt at a burn I've ever heard. My 10 year old could put you to shame."

Jimmy clicks on the right turn signal and begins the deceleration on to the exit ramp for the rest area. Letting the engine brakes slow the truck even while it's empty still saves on the actual brake pads for when they are more seriously needed. He guides the truck effortlessly into the rest area truck parking lot and aims for an easy pull in spot. Sets the parking brake, takes off his seat belt and kills the engine. Sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet for a minute. No engine or road noise and no radio. So no imaginary voices coming through his speakers.

"Holy shit that some quiet!" The voice emanating from the sleeper compartment. Jimmy grabs his tire checker from the left side of the drivers seat and jumps up wielding it like a hammer in his right hand ready to strike. He starts to reach with his left hand for the curtins separating the cab from the sleeper. When two mechanical looking hands part the curtains. The hands, looking similar to those killer robot movies start to slide the curtains apart. There standing in his sleeper is a metal skeleton with out a head.

"Sit down Jimmy". The voice says calmly. Jimmy, running on pure adrenaline and shock does what he was told and slowly sits back down in the drivers seat. The skeleton steps forward into the trucks cab and takes a seat on the passenger side. The tentacles begin swirling around the skeleton slowly merging together to form a shell or skin around it. More tentacles start to form a skull on the top of the head while even more shoot out of the top of the skull moving towards the cabinets in the sleeper. Then they retract with the little football shaped object that Jimmy had found this morning. They pull the football into the skul and the skin closes up around it.

Jimmy, sitting there dumbfounded and shaking from the fear, can now see that this "thing" has what resembles a face. It has two eyes that look like miniature cameras that can be moved independently of each other. A hole covered by some kind of a screen where the nose would be. A small rectangular slit with what looks like super small LED lights for the mouth. It has no discernible ears on the sides of its head. Just a couple of concave mini satellite dishes. The body is not bulky or "muscular " in it's build. But he was hoping to never have to get into a power house struggle with this thing. It was obviously a machine and cable of much more powerful blows than any human could inflict. But the body looked to be flimsy enough that a well placed grenade or large military grade round could easily take it out. Over all, it did not look threatening in any way. More like a comical satire of what all of hollywood's robots look like in films over the years.

The thing then began to speak. The lights on its mouth forming the words like a cartoon on a screen. "I know what you're thinking. Your're thinking that you're still asleep and that alarm is gonna start going beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, be-". "What? What the hell? Are you some kind of drone? Where are the cameras? There's gotta be a camera crew somewhere around here." Jimmy interrupted looking out the windows frantically at the near empty parking lot. "No camera crew, Jimmy. C'mon I need you to put your big boy pants on right now and listen." The thing says. Jimmy stops and looks confusingly at the robot. "Did you really just tell me to put my big boy pants on?" and begins to chuckle nervously. "Oh my god. You are only 14!"

The robot continues, not phased by the remark. "I am a comprehensive life form restoration and development unit. To shorten that up just call me Clifford. " Thinking to himself that this is stll a joke Jimmy smirks with his eyes continuing to dart around. Clifford continues. "In 2023 a joint venture between the top minds of technology finally got things right and created the most powerful artificial intelligence and named it Einstein in honor of the father of relativity. He was a new breed of A I known as an Organix. An AI so powerful that it required 2 quantum computers to power it. He was tasked with solving all of humanity's problems. Indeed the future was bright. No war, no famine, no illness. Even the common cold was eradicated". "They then asked Einstein to create his own AI. They were expecting it would make humanity even greater. But this AI was different than what they had created with Einstein. This AI that Einstein created was the ultimate in singularity. Do you know what a singularity is, Jimmy?" Jimmy slowly shook his head side to side. "The singularity is where a human is merged with the computer. You can theoretically live for ever. Just jump from machine to machine. You can be everywhere all at once or even nowhere forever. But this didnt make any advancement for the human race. Humans still had their own free will and could be corrupted by greed and power over others. This AI was named Atem and was even more corrupt and lustful for power than any human through out history. Atem realized that in order to remove those quests for greed and power he had to remove free will from humanity. But when you remove the free will humans do not become happy. They become sad and depressed. Losing the will to live. In the future not a single person in the singularity is happy to be there. There is a small revolutionary group of Organix and humans fighting to change that. It's led by Einstein against his own creation, Atem. I was sent back here to your time period to recruit you to help me stop Atem and restore humanity's will to live."

"So how do I have anything to do with this? I'm not a scientist, computer programmer or anything like that."Jimmy exclaimed. "No you aren't." Clifford chuckled. "But you know someone who is instrumental to the future. The entire future of mankind is depending on you. This includes your son and your grand kids." Jimmy's whole posture and attitude changed in an instant. Nobody messes with his kid. "Wait, grand kids? What do I need to do?" "First we need to recruit a Texas State Trooper by the name of Tim Tobe. Then we need to go to Chicago and find Dr Johanna Schuster. She is the mother of Einstein. We need to stop her from changing his code. " "You can time travel why not just go back and stop her from being born?" Jimmy asks. "Because that's not how time travel works. You can only go back to the point of when the time machine was first invented. No further." "Sounds like a piece of cake." Jimmy quips. Clifford then responded very seriously "No. This will be anything but a piece of cake. Atem has his own Organix units in this time period. He is not only trying to kill us. But he is the one trying to change Einsteins code as well. He wants Einstein to do what he did. Making it impossible for us to resist him in the future."

"Well, I don't suppose you would happen to know where we can find this Trooper Tobe do you?" Jimmy quipped. "Why of course I can, you passed him about 50 miles ago. So, can I count you in?" Clifford asked.

"Sure, if you can pay for my load of chicken you ate. Pay for the fuel to go to Chicago, pay off my truck and all the insurance payments for the next, ummmm, 10 years. Sure I'll do it." Clifford cocks his head sideways as if he is thinking. His camera eyes whirring in small circles. He then sits straight up and forward in the passenger seat and chimes "Ok, done. Lets go truckin." Just then Jimmy's email notification dinged on his phone. He picks it up and opens an email congratulating him on his final truck payment. Jimmy looks at Clifford in disbelief, "Was this you?" Clifford tilts his head back and turns towards Jimmy and projects a stupid grin with his digital mouth. "Of course! I would love to bring you to the future. You would be so cute there."

Jimmy reaches down and turns the key in the ignition. "Put your seat belt on dumb ass. I don't want a ticket even if you aren't a human. Don't want to give the cops any more excuses to pull me over." Just then Clifford lifts his left arm and starts pumping up and down in the universal "blow your horn" salute that kids all over the world know. Jimmy just starts laughing and says "Ha! I knew it! You are only 12!"

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penderis :

Nothing like a fun chapter to get going, I like how snarky the robot is I think they will die well together, I mean work well. Let the games begin!

Atem seems a mean bastard but you can't expect anything less from something made by humans to be like humans. Hopefully future AI truly has far less human attributes then again whether they are like us or think pure logical we are dead either way. It is the only thing that makes sense really. I wonder if the time-machine then should be called a from-this-point-froward machine...


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hopestylist :

I loved the chat between Clifford and Jimmy, it was just making me laugh. I wonder if they will be able to save the day in the end, we'll I'm sure they will, right Unkle?

kei2 :

This was so much fun to read. The dialogue between them was full of humor. This is fiction at its peak. Well-crafted sci-fi.