If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

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The Final Tally

"It's the final tally" sing that to The Final Countdown by Europe. Next time you hear it. Lol. It will be stuck in your head for an eternity.

The numbers are in and it looks amazing.

It's finally Friday. Day 5 of the first week of the Dreemport Ecency Challenge. EDIT- I admit I had failed to mention my partner. And I am ashamed that I forgot. I'm a bonehead and was writing this up in a crunch before work and coffee. I have to mention my partner this week. @blackdaisyft. She has been a blast to talk with during the week. A fellow music fan and we got along great! If I can make a request @dreemsteem I want to keep her the rest of the challenge!!!! Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top?

I love my partners nagging and updates daily it was truly an honor to get to know her.

Our first challenge was to use Ecency during the week and compare it to the end to see what kind of Ecency points we've earned.

For me I gave all of mine away on Monday just because I wanted to start from 0. I did it live and it ended up exploding with donations to a randomly spin of the wheel to @bambukah. I honestly cant think of another more deserving dood to win that final number of 8300 Ecency points.

Before I get too much further here is my screenshot taken on Monday after giving all my points away. 0points Image is from my Monday post. Read it here

My (not so hard) challenge

The purpose of the challenge was as I already said, was to use Ecency. Which is what I already do, lol. So it really wasnt hard for me. Everybody knows that I am already a fan. I did use it for nearly everything Hive related this week. All my postng, all my comments & replies. I do admit to using PeakD a couple of times to vote on a couple of posts I curated over at Dreemport. But I guess thats ok. Its not like I frequent the MySpace (PeakD) of the Hive ecosystem all the time. Lol.

During this week I did not purchase any Ecency points, nor did I convert other tokens to Ecency. That stuff is a pain in the ass for me and I wont bother to touch them. I did however do a spin of the wheel on the Ecency mobile app and ended up winning 20 points this morning. So if those dont count you can deduct them.

So without further ado I present my final tally.

Credit Me for the screenshot.

These were points that I normally earn each week just by using Ecency. For me it was really nothing out of the ordinary and wasnt even a real "busy" week. I did post a bit more than normal and I had a ton of engagement. That was a total blast. But as far as my popping in and seeing whats going on in the world. It was just normal.

To sum it up for you fence sitters

In my opinion Ecency is the best to use for being social on Hive. It's an engaging set of apps across the desktop, mobile and web. You are able to write your long winded blog posts and then respond to comments and engage with others on theirs through the mobile app while you are sitting on the couch. Or you can do it the other way around if you like. You also have the free spin feature in the mobile app where you can spin the wheel for free points every 24 hours.

Ecency is a fantastic experience on Hive. Probably the best. And for me it is nearly perfect. Only thing I wish for is the ability to upload my videos. And from what I understand is that is actually on the road map already. But alas, baby steps, bonehead. Be patient.

Leading with Generosity

@melinda010100 keeps telling me to post these in the Loud & Proud community and I keep forgetting to it. LOL. I promise all of them from now on will be posted there. Would love to see people actually go join that community and use it so that the Leading with Generosity post get some upvotes. But I digress Todays post rewards have been dedicated to @chaosmagic23 is the 100% beneficiary of this post. You all know the drill. Upvote as much as you can afford, reblog it and then share it on the old, dilapidated Web2 social platforms so that we can show how much more fun and generous we are on Web3 using Ecency!

Below is just my standard footer links. If you have seen them then just scroll on down and hit the upvote and reblog buttons. If not then read on!

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poshtoken :

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chaosmagic23 :

I will not complain about this, but what have I done? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. !LUV !ALIVE !PGM

ecency :

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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george-dee :

You must have surely had a great week with tons of engagement that was brought in by the challenge, I wouldn't mind if my every day could go on with tons of engagement on the platform.

Knowing Ecency can actually do a lot makes me regret not using it when I first knew about the frontend but it made it more valuable now that I am using it. I enjoyed everything and there is something I discovered, Ecency saves pictures. It helps me with the stress of uploading some images every time I post, that feature is one of the cool things I love about the app.

The new week will roll in any moment and I am charging up already, have beautiful weekend sir. I am hearing the spin for the first time, kindly tell me how to go about it

mypathtofire :

Great post! Great work in the community @chaosmagic23 !

brittandjosie :

If you ask me you can keep her with cream sugar and strawberries hahahah it’s been a plaesure reading and Ofcourse I will upvote !LADY

blackdaisyft :

This is amazing partner!! πŸ‘ Very well done! Actually, it was because of your post that I installed Ecency mobile app 😁😁

I didn't know it existed before and I'm currently replying to you, laying down on the couch 🀣🀣 all benefits from where I stand! Ahahah

I now will be able to check my blog and interact with other way more often since I only did it on the pc before hehhe

Finally I catched up with everyone I wanted and now it's time to recharge and get ready for yet another amazing week!

Are you with me?? πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🀘🀘🀘

jane1289 :

Even after the challenge, I'm still using this. Starting to love Ecency now 😁.

zyzymena :

You are an ecency faithful so the challenge was no challenge to you since you were doing what you normally do on a good day and having such a sweet partner was the cherry on top. You are very magnanimous and that is an admirable quality you possess. I wish you the best of the week.

khaleesii :

Ecency is really great, after last week, it has been my go-to.

coquicoin :

Hi, there! I like very much using Ecency to engage in Hive. And it is my first time reading about your initiative 'Leading with Generosity' that's amazing and congrats to @chaosmagic23 for being deserving of it. Have a great week!

Dreemport brought me here πŸ˜„

tengolotodo :

I love and use ecency almost all the time where possible. This was great and great to see you choose @chaosmagic23 and he then cascade to @beeber Simply awesome stuff and great to see that you are enjoying the challenge and your partner too! I am popping in today to visit you from dreemport.

Have you seen the post from dreemport describing the week 2 activities and your new teem? Anyway wishing you a fantastic week, and this 1/4 of The Charming Rascals here to spread the EVOLution