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The Final Dreemport Ecency Post or is it?

OMG! I cant believe I actually made it to the end of this challenge! It has been an exciting and engaging month on Hive for me. And I cant believe it's almost done.

But wait theirs more!

Said in my best Billy Mays voice. From what I understand theres going to be another month or something like that. I'm not really sure. I was busy trying to pour coffee in my eyes when I was reading @dreemsteems post this morning. And I still dont think I fully comprehend it.

Photo by S Migaj

How did this month impact me?

This month has been pretty rough honestly. I dont usually do contests or challenges. Mainly because I dont feel like I am a good writer. I've already explained that my content has always been self serving. I create it for me. I know I'm not really a good streamer, podcaster, musician. I just like to do stuff. But my writing. I have never taken it seriously. I cant spell worth a crap and if it wasnt for spell check you would swear I was drunk typing.

But this challenge effected me in a way that I cant describe. Right from the start when Meeber (dreemie) struck up the conversation about generosity. It got me thinking. So I started the #leadingwithgenerosity hash tag and just ran with it. I honestly thought that I would be the only one using it. And I was totally fine with that. But then they actually made it a part of the challenge and I was so humbled and grateful. Not grateful that I was recognized and tagged in so many posts and comments. Because I'm not that kind of guy. I like to stay in the shadows and nudge people. I am much more happier to be someones muse and to bask on the edges of their spot light than to have it shine on me. That's just the way I was raised. Again, thank you for making me realize just how many people their are still in this world who believe that there is something bigger than mankind it's self.

I am humbly your biggest supporter.

The other thing had a major impact on me was @snook for making us look at ourselves in a positive way. Sure I know I was the best looking thing on 18 wheels when I was driving. But I've never looked at myself from a 3rd person's perspective.I wrote this post for @snook's #unlazycontest in literally about 30 minutes. But the questions keep running through my head.

Should I have answered this one this way?

Or maybe this one should have been this other way?

So on and so forth. The questions keep rolling through my head. Should I really keep looking at myself like this? Do I need to keep a close eye on this?

All I know is it's making me want to keep doing everything I can to help more people create content and has filled my brain with more ideas for posts that contain more and more, wait for it, writing. "Ugg, facepalm" says my brain.

Did I feel more connected to others during this month?

This is another OMG moment for me. I'm usually off on Tuesday and Wednesday. And those are the two days I do my best to create videos or podcast. But for this challenge I only had time once to do it and that day I tried to do an Ecency hangout but it bombed big time because my internet kept going all wiggly wonky. Running the discord, pushing a stream to VimmTV, while the wife was streaming YouTube tv and my daughter playing online with the playstation. My connection just didnt handle it.

The rest of the time was spent responding to comments and mentions on posts. As well as a lot of scheming with my team mates behind the scenes. Yes I dont think I have felt this much connected to a community on any social media...


Do I think I tried things that I'll continue to use after this month is over?

I suppose this question is mostly for the Dreemers. But it goes just as much for the Ecencials. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and submitting posts over at Dreemport. There are some really great writers out there! I've read everything from fiction to tours of a local grocery store. I do gotta admit, I am a sucker for posts that are about a landmark or town in there area country. I sit and stare at the pictures. Doing my best to imagine what it's like there. The smells, the heat or chill. The sounds of the bustling streets or the the sound of the wind through the foliage. It just brings it all into perspective that life in other countries isnt really all that different. People are people. The good and bad. But for the most part, no matter what religion they believe in, they are good to each other.

In short, you bet your ass I'm gonna keep using Dreemport!

Do I think the Lovelution will continue as I keep #leadingwithgenerosity?

I certainly hope so. I am pretty much committed to it since I'm the one who started it, lol! NO TURNING BACK NOW!!!!

So this post is also a #leadingwithgenerosity. It's going to @hopestylist! In full disclosure she is one of my team mates and also had made me the beneficiary of one her posts already. I do feel a little weird about being on the receiving end of something I started. But it was such an overwhelming gesture on her part. Heres something you may not have caugh about @hopestylist. For the last 2 (maybe 3 now) she has been the 1 most active user on Ecency! My highest point that I know of was 27 for about an hour. Shes been around the 250+ in posts and comments for those days! HOLY S@!T!! Thats insane to me!

I am so thankful and grateful to have such beautiful team mates as @intishar, @blackdaisyft and hope. They have brought me a lot of fun over the last month. I will do my bestest to keep them close as friends forever.

Well, you know the spiel. This isnt my rewards so go upvote it as much as you can afford, reblog it and share it on the old platforms. Show the world what real social media is like. And ask them to come to Ecency and Hive. Where love and generosity lives on.

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Comments :

hopestylist :


I'm... I'm so so speechless right now Unkle 😒😒, I don't even know where to start from, I just want to say thank you, so so much.

I'm so grateful to dreemport and Ecency for bringing us together as a team and for making me worth this much. I wasn't so active on the discord team chat but I always felt your love for me and the others.

You are such a sweet, kind and loving team mate, thank you once more for choosing me to dedicate this post to 😭😭πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί.

hopestylist :

And thank you so much for this banner, everyone loved it πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ™.

th4488 :

Hello unklebonehead! Ofcourse you are a good writer lol You haven't forgot the word "lol" man.I like it.

Hail #Leading With Generosity" !LUV

intishar :

I dont feel like I am a good writer

But i feel infact many of us feel that you have most of the qualities to be a good writer and your writting skill is quite also.

Personally i feel lucky having you in my team and i really enjoyed it very much.

Even the challenge is going to end we will remain team after this also .

george-dee :

You had a lot of impact on the generosity idea and I don't believe you aren't the best at writing because your article has its way of seeing through me, I don't know if everyone is seeing it from my view.

The article you wrote about saying thank you got me connected back to people I haven't taken the time to appreciate their impact on me. The past few days or weeks have been the best so far on Hive and I owe Dreemport and Ecency lots of appreciation.

It is not the end for me because I will carry the legacy of this engagement in my heart and I will hold on to this for a long time.

jane1289 :

Happy new week @unklebonehead ..let's look forward to more challenges to come haha

princessbusayo :

This challenge brought out the spirit for you to embrace challenges in the future here on Hive. I love the #leadingwithgenerosity and I must say it was well thought of and it came out so beautifully and everywhere was bubbling with sharing love. This is so fantastic sir.

@hopestylist is such an active member here and I wonder how she does it. Guess what? She's actually following the path of her sister, @merit.ahama Both girls have a different energy 🀣🀣🀣

I came all the way through Dreemport πŸ€—

tengolotodo :

One of the beauties of dreemport is the awesome challenges, and this one was right up there with the best of them! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had fun with your partners! Popped in from dreemport tonight:)

blackdaisyft :

I'm so glad that our paths have crossed this month, it really was super fun to get to know all of you! πŸ€— I must say I don't agree with your statement here

Mainly because I dont feel like I am a good writer.

I really enjoy your posts, they are easy to read through and they always have that funny spark somewhere which I adore πŸ’– Either way, I'm sure you can see your evolution from your writing in the past month!

I'm really happy to read how connected you felt with us all in this challenge because that's the most important thing! Feeling connected and making friends all around the world πŸ€—