If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

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My Part of the Dreemport Ecency Challenge week 2

What a roller coaster of a week this has been! Frustraion, laughs, and a whole lot of #leadingwithgenerosity going around Hive. It seems like I've seen that tag everywhere and am truly humbled and honored to see that it is catching on. I even saw it on Twitter I think. It may have been me that tweeted it. But either way it was on Twitter, lol. But the real test is to see if it sticks around. I hope its here to stay. I'm willing to do my part to keep it here forever. This week of the challenge was all about spreading that generosity and I dont think our team was any slouch. I think we hit it out of the park. Especially @intishar. Read on to find out.


Day 1 - Boost your team

Since their were 4 of us we planned to do a circle.

I boosted @blackdaisyft who boosted @hopestylist who boosted @intishar who would boost me. But thats when we hit our first snag.

Intishar couldnt find a recent one of mine that hadnt already been boosted so he came up with the idea of boosting two completely different people other than me. I commend him on his gesture and love seeing the genorosity spread in a new way.

Day 2 - Boost a Noob

Next up we each had to boost a new user. Which was starting to get somewhat a little hard to do. Find one that was super new. So I chose @legomaster. When I saw that name I knew I couldnt go wrong. After I glanced over the post and made sure it wasnt just a template post like so many do for their introductory posts. I immeadiately hit the boost button. I then read the post and realized that @legomaster is part of a family on Hive! How cool is that! You find the rest of the family in the post. Read it here! I think you should definitely read it and UPVOTE it.

I'm also making @legomaster 100% beneficiary of this post!

Because it's a part of my #leadingwithgenerosity iniative. I find it so cool to see us users bringing the next generation into Web3 and helping them to understand from an early age that this is the better way to do social media. So please, please upvote this post, reblog it and share it on 'ye ol' fashioned social media. Show them that Hive is where the love, compassion and generosity resides in the online world.

Day 3 - Choose a community

This was the hardest day of the week for the challenge. Our team picked OCD. We honestly thought it would be the easiest to find new posts that all 4 of us could boost. But that was a big, fat NOPE!

I got lucky I think with my timezone. I found this one that hadn't been boosted yet. Quick glance and it was good. Boom boost done. I could go enjoy my day off from work. Get some stuff done around the house. Checked back with the team a few hours later and they were scrambling trying to find posts to boost. Everything they found had already been boosted.

@intishar again boosted 2 people. Ahh, I think he's trying to best me at #leadingwithgenerosity at this point. Lol. I'm fine with that. Bring it!

Day 4 - Boost a buddy

Finally we had boost an old buddy. I had a really hard time trying to decide this one. I wanted some who is positive. One who I had a lot of interactions with on and off chain. But most of them hardly post anymore because life keeps getting in their way. So who could I boost that still is consistent with posting and is always 100% positive and upbeat about pretty much everything. Then at that point it was a no brainer for me. It had to be @pixiepost and this post. For those who dont know @pixiepost is one of the ones on Hive I consider to be Defluncers. She was also one of the first content creators I got to know outside of Hive. She has inspired me to stick with Hive and keep concentrating my content here. I do wish I could do more like her and consistently share my content on the old platforms. I try but I am so scatterbrained that I tend to forget those other social media platforms exist. Lol

You can follow her on and off of Hive. Her links are in the footer of that post. Go give her a follow and upvote the hell out of her! You wont regret it. I promise!

Day 5 - You are reading it.

Yep you guessed it. Todays challenge was to write about what you did this week for the challenge. Other people including my team mates made posts. But I didnt. I decided to just sit back quietly in the back ground all week. I submitted some older posts to Dreemport. Mostly some fiction I wrote a couple of years ago. Just to see if anybody was interested in the story. I was a rather unknown user back then and didnt really get much comments. Plus life and work was extremely busy. The boss frowned on me trying to write fiction stories while I was driving a 40 ton truck at 70+ mph down the road. This time around I got some interested comments and think I might actually finish fleshing out the story and see where it goes. If you're not familiar with the story. It is a time traveling story that starts with the end. So you can probably guess where the beginning is.

Or can you?

That's it for this post

Why are you still reading? Go give these posts I linked to upvotes and please upvote this one as much as you can afford since @legomaster is the 100% benficiary!

Then go out there and Lead with Generosity!

Below is just my standard footer links. If you have seen them then just scroll on down and hit the upvote and reblog buttons. If not then read on!

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Comments :

hopestylist :

Wow, Unkle I think you got everything sorted out, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I want my post for today to be like. Leading with generosity is a really good initiative and I really do hope it is here to stay, I didn't use the hastag this week but I hope to one of these days.

It was really not easy getting a post to boost but it was sure fun, hehe.

Have a fabulous day team member πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—.

mypathtofire :

Nice one. Keep on GIVING

intishar :

You explain everything with details and beautifully.

It seems you highlight me very much but i think i didn't made anything special. Anyway thank you for this.

I will start writing about it after sometime .

th4488 :

Great work unklebonehead. Generousity will spread gradually.I support your initiative.

Setting 100% beneficiary an unknown person depending their on and off chain interaction is really a generous work.

Love you man. !LUV

indiaunited :

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pixiepost :

Omg thank you so much @unklebonehead !! I am truly touched. I am so glad to see you thrive on here & honored to call you a friend. :)

You chose some other great people on this post as well so I will definitely be checking out their posts as well. Hope is all well with you & keep up the awesome work. (Oh btw, I am quite scatterbrained as well so don't worry - you're not alone LMAO.) :)

Much love & pixie dust πŸ’šβœ¨


pizzabot :

PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments: @pixiepost(1/15) tipped @unklebonehead (x1)

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melinda010100 :

hopestylist :

Just dropping by from dreemport 😊.

How are you doing Unkle? ☺️.

george-dee :

There is always a difference with anything laid with love as its foundation and I feel great spreading love across the platform.

I just enjoy sprinkling tiny seeds of love among users and I am happy many of them got to discover why. When the seeds grow into trees, I believe they will as well see the need to give the fruit out to people as well.