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My Favorite Work Truck I've ever driven

Hello Ecencials and Hiveians!

Just wanted to drop a post to apologize for not being very active for the last couple of weeks. Just going through a small rough spot but things should be getting better from here on out. At least it better be or I'm gonna be pissed, lol.

Some of you may have seen that I entered the Scholar and Scribe contest and am using it to work more on my story The Organix. In doing this I realized that I had somehow miss placed the original artwork that I had made. Which kinda bummed me out. I actually paid money for that and I have now lost it. So I made some new ones with a picture of the old truck I used to drive.

I've already mentioned what the truck was in a previous post so I wont go through it here. But I will post the pics I took of it that was taken at the same time I took the one in the artwork.

Here is a video tour of the inside of the truck a week after I moved into it.


I also shot a video of leaving a truck stop with the windows down so you could hear just how loud the truck was. Wish I would've shot one going up a mountain so you could see that this truck changed lanes when other trucks change gears, lol.


Now here are the pics.

This is the one I used for the artwork.

The next one I took on I-30 in Arkansas. The truck coming at me was being towed. I texted it to my dispatcher saying "The loads gonna be a little late. Gonna have to fill out some paperwork." Then I turned the phone off for the night. He didnt think it was very funny. But I still laugh about it.

So now I guess you can see why my daughter named it Clifford the Big Red Truck.

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bhattg :

Wow that looks cool uncle 🤩, thanks for sharing

amberkashif :


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joseph23 :

Lovely truck. Can I just steal the truck for some days? I will return it in good shape.

beeber :

Woohooo THATS a truck! We hardly see them here. Hope youre doing fine, maybe we can help somehow? !LUV you

melinda010100 :

What a beauty! We used to order in those running lights by the 1000's.

wannabescrapper :

Was never a fan of any of the long nose trucks and the only freightshaker I really enjoyed was a Columbia that I had for a few months. It had the driver's lounge sleeper and was very comfy to drive. Not great in the mountains though.

My all time favourite trucks are the T800 Kenworths. My stubby legs fit just right in them.


That's my only trucking post.