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Date: 04/22/2022 - Upvotes : 24 - Words : 114

DecentraCast S1Ep28 How to Use SuperHive

<center> [![](https://ipfs-3speak.b-cdn.net/ipfs/bafkreiegedctadghcb7ybf7i3ju4qpgsld4feg5lq5pqlyqozihdoneukm/)](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrpkvaga) ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrpkvaga) </center> --- Ok. So I am a little behind. The last SuperHive video I made was a month ago and this one was actually recorded on the same day. But I got busy and forgot to upoload it. I'm also going to start uploading all these past episodes to YouTube as well. I do go off on a tangent about just exactly what is "quaility content". Sorry. No wait. No I'm not sorry. I will also have another vid out by morning as well talking about my shitty follow through on commiting to daily content. I suck, I know. Benificiaries: @bambukah 10% @threespeak 11% --- Follow me social media @unklebonehead on any Hive frontend Blog - https://ecency.com/@unklebonehead YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4RQU-YGBbDp4JFAHt3LnmQ Twitter - https://twitter.com/3speakvidshare Website - Links - https://unklebonehead.xyz Podcasts - https://decentracast.xyz --- ▶️ [3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrpkvaga)

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