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Date: 04/14/2022 - Upvotes : 58 - Words : 157

Drop the Mic S1 Ep10 Crystal Casey

<center> [![](https://ipfs-3speak.b-cdn.net/ipfs/bafkreiebx4mkhifayettq6rwgoeloptsstfpllw7hckephauhf3xugcbae/)](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrcexnju) ▶️ [Watch on 3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrcexnju) </center> --- # Drop the Mic S1Ep10 ## Crystal Casey Tonight was a rare occurance of an actual live interview on the show. Crystal Casey, a brillantly talented songwriter with an equally talented and beautiful voice. We covered the usual questions with her. We had some minor problems getting connected up at the beginning of the show so I did some crafty editing. Otherwise this is how the show aired live. Get her links at her [site Crystal Casey](https://crystalcasey.com/) Song Playlist: - Broke Out - Tabula Rasa - Mirror Mirror - December in Your Arms --- ### Drop the Mic Drop the Mic is a show that discusses the new and emerging music industry on the blockchain & Web 3.0. With news, reviews and interviews some of the best new artists from all genres from all around the world. And of course lots & lots of that sweet ass music! Hosted by [Polarmystro](https://www.beatzchain.com/@polarmystro) & [Unkle Bonehead](https://www.beatzchain.com/@unklebonehead) Brought to you by [Beatzchain](https://beatzchain.com) & [MSPWaves](https://mspwaves.com) ---- Beneficiaries: - @bambukah 10 % - @crystalcasey 50% --- ▶️ [3Speak](https://3speak.tv/watch?v=unklebonehead/lrcexnju)

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alex-rourke :

Great show you guys! Thanks for sharing your influences @crystalcasey Looking up Regina Spektor's music right now. Also great that you guys played Crystal's music. Listened to Broke Out. I immediately thought how cool it would be to have that track synced in a movie or series. Do you pitch your music to supervisors or sync agencies?

stickupcurator :

she is very talented!

stickupcurator :

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pizzabot :

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junkfeathers :

Yay! Love Crystal's music. so glad you had her on your show! !PIZZA