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Leading with Generosity - You Need to Check this Dude Out!

Unless you've been living under a rock this last month or so. You've no doubt seen a few new things in the Ecency discord. There's two new rooms chat-text and chat-voice. One you would naturally assume is for text chatting. But chat about what? And that other room with the little speaker icon next to it. Is that for voice chat? Well you are 100% correct there Captain Obvious.

But why? Well a little dude with a bigger heart and mind has stepped up to the plate and started something that has gained a lot of popularity with Ecenctials that hang out in the Ecency discord.

Every Saturday at 2000 GMT @blackman15 has started hosting a Hangout type of show. Its a very cool event where people can meet up and talk about their week on Ecency, share their posts or somebody else's. Talk seems to center around a central topic each week and the community just comes together in a genuine heartfelt way.

I've personally made some suggestions that it should be recorded and offered up as a podcast both on and off of Hive. Just to get it out in the world how much fun it really is to be on Hive using Ecency. I've also volunteered to create all the images that is needed for making it a podcast. I'll be working on those tomorrow morning on a live stream on my VimmTV channel at 9am Eastern. Most likely hanging out in the Ecency discord chat rooms while doing it. LOL.

hangout show Image credit is me. This is the current artwork I made for the hangout show.

Do yourself a favor

Go give @blackman15 a follow and upvote some of his posts. He's a really cool dood that loves people as much as I do. He's the one who has gotten the ball rolling on these hangouts thats been going on in the Ecency discord and I love what he is doing. And if you havent figured it out by now. He is the 100% beneficiary of this post and all of its rewards. So go upvote it as much as you can afford and reblog it. Then go share it on whatever other old, obsolete social media platforms you may still use. Just to get the word out that Ecency and Hive are the future and the only place they should be.

Now I have to go do some screwing around with my computer so I can do that live stream tomorrow. Yay me! NOT!

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Other shows I do: Loud & Proud on MSPWaves.com LIVE ONLY! This is the big weekly live show that we do on Discord. It's hosted by Johnny Gearjammer, thisnewhackergirl(Andi), Nineclaws and myself. Sometimes when Radioman can be there he will be. The last weekend of the each month we all meet in the #general-voice room to do the show. All audience members are invited to turn on their mics and talk about anything they want. It's kinda like a rave but online, lol. No topics are too taboo and it's always a very very adult oriented show. So plan on being offended. It's every Saturday night 8-11pm Eastern To join the discord to chat go to https://mspwaves.com/discord. It will open your discord for you to join.

It's streamed on these sites from the staton https://mspwaves.com https://www.vimm.tv/c/msp-waves https://mspwaves.theta.tv/

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Comments :

punkblogs :

Yes I've been with ecency discord server recently and I've already seen so many peoples coming together and spending some time discussing on different topics which i think is personally important to know from every aspects . Nice seeing you mate

melinda010100 :

I love that @blackman15 has been willing to dive right in and begin using the Ecency Discord live chat! Many of us have known each other for quite some time, but have never actually spoken or heard each other's voice. I feel like the Saturday show has brought us all just a little bit closer together as a community. Huge thanks to @blackman15 for bringing us all together and to you @unklebonehead for Leading with Generosity!

blackman15 :

It feels me with joy to see the community prevail and grow. Thanks for making me beneficiary here @unklebonehead

weone :

It's an amazing hangout. Tenks to @blackman15. The community keeps growing closer and closer, like a tightly knit family. Hope, we can come together even more in the near future.