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Pop!OS ROCKS! - Linux for Boneheads

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I think I finally found my home distro

I should probably start this off by saying that this video is not sponsored by System76. But if anybody at System76 would like to donate a [Meercat](Meerkat - System76) or Thelio to me I would be more than happy to shill your products to the end of time!

Pop!OS 22.04

Is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu 22.04 and that is where the similarites end. It uses the Cosmic desktop (customized version of Gnome 42) and it is beautiful. Flatpak and deb packages run out of the box through the Pop Store. Ubuntu's snap packages are completely removed and this little distro is lightning fast on both of my computers. The big desktop as well as the little Chromebook C300. I gotta say I have fallen in love with it.

Actual use cases

The day job

I had it installed, updated and my online accounts set up in 30 minutes. In fact that day I used it for work. So I kept using it for work instead of the work issued laptop. And it's a lot faster than that windows machine.

On the windows machine it I have to use Google Chrome and it gets laggy. On Pop!OS I stlll use Google Chrome but it just feels a lot faster at page rendering and load times. The performance for work these last two weeks have been nothing short of amazing.

Mostly thanks to the tiling windows feature. Made me feel like I was on i3 again. Loved it!

Play time

I was able to run Lightworks, Reaper and pretty much anything else I want to do like I have for years in Linux. Everything has just worked so far.

In a time when it seems everybody is shilling Fedora as the best or seemless Linux experience. I'm gonna say nope. Pop!OS is the one distro you should try.

I tried adding some themes and icons but ended up going back to the defaults because they honestly just looked better. If you want to install a distro and just get some work done so you can play later. This is your distro. And I'm keeping this one.

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prolinuxua :

System76 has done a great job of improving the desktop. And this distribution definitely deserves even more attention from users.