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Playing Catch Up with Hive News

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Hive News

Well II guess the whole video isnt all Hive news and opinion. I do talk a litle about Linux, a free cross platform app for video creators and running a bitcoic node, ipfs podcasting all on your own home server.

Ecency Vision

Latest Ecency Vision update

  • Referrals view where you can see who signed up with your referral code.

  • You can now customize your alerts with the kind of notifications you wish to see

  • QR code generator

  • New theme settings to allow the theme to follow the OS theme.

  • Some translation and various bug fixes


Announcement post

LeoThreads v0.2

I've got to admit. I'm very torn on LeoThreads. On one hand I am very excited that there is something extremely cool about the way they've done it and kept them from being a top level post.

But on the other hand they've been pushing this "Project Blank" thing for so long that I was under the impression that this was Project Blank. Only after the drop of threads did I find out that this was a "proof of concept" for Project Blank. You can imagine my dissappointment that this wasnt it. Threads seems to be nothing more than a way to create more engagement and traffic on Leofinance. Which is fine. I think all dapps should do such a thing. But the hype for it was a little over the top in my opinion. That just made the let down that much bigger for me personally.

All I know is that if and when the "decentralized twitter alternative"code named Project Blank is finally released. I hope and pray it knocks it out of the park and doesnt come splattered with a bunch of Leofinance branding. Because it will only attract crypto enthusiasts and not average people looking to do twitter like shit posts about stupid stuff.

SPK Tokens are LIVE

SpkNetwork call to action

Should you lock or delegate


I just installed Umbrel this morning on my old laptop running Pop!OS 22.04. It's now syncing my Bitcoin node and I will be running my own Lightning node as well. It's also hosting my IPFS Podcasting node as well.

Some things you may want to know if you install it on your own computer running an Ubuntu/Debian based distro.

  • You must have at least a 1TB hard drive. The instructions say a 1 TB external hard drive. I plugged mine in just to be sure and it worked fine but it is not using the external drive. Probably because I have a 1TB internal drive.

  • Install docker and docker-compose before you run the install script. The install script will attempt to install docker from a repo that does not exist. When you run the install script append the command with -s -- --no-install-docker --no-install-docker-compose will solve this.

  • Once it is installed the docs say to open umbrel.local in your browser. If you installed it on an existing Ubuntu installation you will need to go to your computers hostname.local or the local ip address of that computer.

Free cross platform app for video content creators!

Qprompt a free teleprompter app. It even has an apk installer so I'm guessing it runs on android phones as well. Check it out and let me know if it helps you in the content creation.

Linux Update

Im still using Pop!OS and still loving it. I did switch to the KDE Plasma 5 desktop because it seems to run way better than the Gnome/Cosmic on my set up. I also do not like Gnome, still.

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