If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

Date: 07/28/2022 - Upvotes : 10 - Words : 226

Just a quick typing test.

Doing a typing test on the new keyboard. It's an Adesso Tru-Form 450 Ergonomic wired usb keyboard.

So far it seems alright. It will take some getting used to typing on. But so far it seems quite comfortable. The keys are a little bigger than I expected and my fingers are little out place because of the larger buttons. But having my hands at slight angle does make my hands feel a lot better.

The only disappointment for me is that the built in touch pad does not work. On Windows or Linux. Very disappointing cause I was hoping to have a situation where my hands could stay on the keyboard as much as possible. Bummer but I guess I cant expect everything to work perfectly.

The other disappointing thing is that I still cant spell worth a shit. Lol. It is a very responsive keyboard. I don't know if that is because it's a wired keyboard or if its the keys themselves. I'm definitely not running into any bottlenecks with typing fast.

So far my initial reaction is that I like it. But I'm gonna need some more time to decide if I fully like it. I will do a full complete review in about a week or so. Probably on next Wednesday.

Rewards are declined on this post because this is not really content. It's your basic shit post, lol.

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dandays :

You're way ahead of me dude, I don't know who windows or linux is.

nineclaws :

Show #prooftypingtest

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meta007 :

Unklebonehead you must be kidding lol

I saw your cross post and came here to support you.The story is the same.Declination of rewards🙉.Then was thinking how should Support you. Yeah I could make a comment and here I am.

Good luck with your new keyboard dude. You are really generous and hence I like you.