If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

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If you need to hear this

I just need to throw this out there, I dont know why or what prompted me to post this extremely short post today. And I'm sure there probably is a community I should post this to. But I think it's too short to post to any.


It doesnt matter what side you are on, is a religion. It will consume you. Heart, mind & soul. It doesnt care about you personally It only feeds on your money & fear and will leave you a wasted husk of disgruntled hatred.

Unless you tell it no.

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Comments :

wannabescrapper :

That's a big 10-4

Oh yeah, I tried to post a vid for you but something messed up. I will post it later today.

dandays :

What @wannabescrapper said. Both my right and left hand fly middle fingers at politics.

Hey dude, remind me again of your voice show I'm less likely to be censored at.

meta007 :

Well said man.I hate it the most.Thanks for sharing your opinion about it.

palomap3 :

I could not agree more.

arcange :

Dear @unklebonehead, sorry to jump in a bit off topic but may I ask you to support the HiveSQL proposal?
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