If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

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I did something bad. But it could be something good.

I started to write this post early Wednesday morning at about 730. I had coffee in one hand and my dog curled up next to my feet as she usually is after a hearty breakfast of her food and some of mine. I got the first paragraph done and scrapped it. I then did what every content creator does and went to look for inspiration.

Before I knew it I wound up on Rumble dot com and got sucked into the whole "join up, post, monetize your videos, yada yada. I felt so ashamed as I was doing it. Almost like I was cheating on my favorite little sanctuary of my own with 3Speak and Ecency.

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What do you mean sanctuary?

Originally the term sanctuary meant a sacred place such as a shrine or temple for worship. Now a days its meaning is more fitting to a place of safety or refuge. Its such a simple word but has a powerful incantation with feelings of being physically safe and secure. But is that really all it is?


For many of us it is being home, surrounded by loved ones. Cherishing time spent with the family. We feel protected by the walls of our homes. "No one would dare tread on our personal hollowed ground", spoken in my deepest Morgan Freeman impersonation. But in today's world where real life and online are beginning to merge. There seems to be no place that one can freely express themselves and feel at home. No sanctuary for the out casts of whatever political wind is blowing at the time. No where the masses can just be themselves without fear of being "cancelled".

But yet there is one.

The ones who are reading these words first. The ones who for the biggest part of 5+ years have been working tireless. Day and night, week after week to build the worlds first and most successful online sanctuary for the masses. The one draw back has been getting the word out to the world. The word that there is a real sanctuary that was built. Is still expanding and growing. Many attempts at getting the word out has been taken. There have even been offers to pay some rather big online creators to give our little sanctuary a try. They took the money and did their reviews. I havent seen them since. I may be wrong. They may still be here. But I dont hear about them anymore.

So I came up with an idea. Something different.

As I already mentioned I signed up to post my videos on Rumble and synced my YouTube channel to it. Rumble also owns a site called Locals. It's a site similar to Patreon. And I went ahead and signed up with it and created my first community. But then I got to thinking.

What if I could take #leadingwithgenerosity outside of Hive? What if I could use this new Locals & Rumble stuff as a Hive educational/on boarding route.

In my brain it's brilliant. Hive tutorials and tools out there in the main stream. The way I see it working is for every person who signs up and pledges support for me (or community) on Locals/Rumble and signs up for a Hive account. I will take their support money they gave me and convert it into Hive and give it back to them on Hive.

I want your input!

I'm toying with a name and could use some suggestions. But I would like to have it be something that does not include the words Hive, crypto, NFT's or Web3. The problem with those are that they are buzzwords that a lot of shysters and scam companies have used to make a couple quick bucks and they have tarnished those words to the general public.

I will argue with the biggest whales about this till I am blue in the face. But the general public outside of Hive dont care anything about crypto currency, NFT's or blockchains. They just want a place to say what they want without fear of being "cancelled". They are looking for a sanctuary. Hive can be that sanctuary!

Personally I am of the opinion of pushing the individual dapps. Like Ecency for the social media site, SuperHive for a personal blog or website, 3Speak for the video sharing, etc. Those are things that the general public already understands. Then the jump to logging into these sites with their keys begins to be easier to understand. Hive doesnt have an on boarding problem. It has an identity problem.

So that's my idea and my WOTW post all rolled into one. Dont think bad of me for wanting to jump onto Rumble. It was like something else was controlling me. Call it divine control or whatever you like. But my brain is on fire right now with ideas and I need someone to control those ideas. Otherwise they will just get compartmentalized and I will never get started let alone finish. If anybody is interested in helping me out with creating/managing content for this please hit me up. You can hit dm me on discord or you can even email me at email@unklecheek

Leading with Generosity

Before I let you go. I need to do a #leadingwithgenerosity post. So I'm making my last fellow team mate @intishar 100% beneficiary of this post. He's not just my team mate in the Dreemport Ecency challenge but I am happy to call him a friend as well. He went above and beyond what the other 3 of us did during the challenge by boosting way more than just what was required for the challenge. Thats what leading with generosity really is. You know the drill. Up vote this post as much as you can afford, reblog it and go share it on the old socials as well!

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th4488 :

Hello unklebonehead You got a mind full of idea.Let them out please. I don't know what rumble is.But seems social media.If it is so, #leadingwithgenerosity can reach maximum people.I think it is good idea.

I am thinking about the name. Can't find a good one. I'll let you know. All the best. !LUV

ayesha-malik :

I thought sanctuary exists in biology only hehe but from your perspective, it looks like a sacred place. Hmm so for writers and artists you want hive as Sanctuary, isn't it a great idea. I guess yes things look simple. @dlmmqb can you assist him in this brilliant work??

hopestylist :

This is an incredible definition of sanctuary @unklebonehead, I love the plans you have for on boarding new people to be part of this online sanctuary, indeed hive is a sanctuary..

I don't have any idea for a name yet but if I do, I'll do well to ping you.

All the best with this amazing idea, I really do hope you pull it off, I know you will.

ecency :

Yay! 🤗
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buezor :

Ok I think I have an Idea of a name.


What do you think. I'm trying to keep it short. The Onlead project is the full name.

indiaunited :

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chincoculbert :

If you're looking to lead people to a Sanctuary such as Hive then we'll as well give them every reason to stay..I'm not good with names, if not I would have pitched you an idea..but I agree that it's a brilliant idea..I hope you go through with it

joseph23 :

In support of DREEM-WOTW


blackdaisyft :

Wow, what an amazing definition of sanctuary! Now that you mention it, Hive really is a sanctuary. I never felt so free to speak my own mind before... and the great thing is that I'm now more capable of speaking my own mind off chain! 🙏

I'm so very thankfull for this! 🤗🤗

As regarding your ideas, it seems great! Although I'm not fammiliar with rumble and not sure if I understood your idea correctly. Except a message from me on discord soon 🙌 we can do a brainstorm session ❣️

Much !LUV

jesustiano :

Loved your way to define sanctuary <3, a sacred place is no more, but you found a way to make it lovely again :)

meta007 :

Very innovative way to describe a sanctuary. Let us think a catchy word for name.I hope I could do that😀.

mypathtofire :

Having an online sanctuary is also important. The masses need to know that the cage door is open, they just need to step outside.

tengolotodo :

I must admit that I had never heard of Rumble. I also treat Hive as a social platform, and not crypto focused etc! That is a great take on the wotw that you did! Popped in from dreemport and wishing you a great weekend!

snook :

we can not spread the word about Hive if you never leave the nest.

Keep doing what you are. Your heart will know best.

itsostylish :

Oh, my, of course, you’re right. Now why didn’t I think of that. You’re already a great ambassador and you’re going from strength to strength. Kudos 🤗❤️💕 I arrived here via DreemPort

iskafan :

It will be a wonderful to turn those donations to Hive as support for their Hive account. Which means, they automatically get HP to start off their journey on Hive. Which is an awesome idea. By the time, they have gotten acquitted with Hive, it will turn out to be their sanctuary. I love this idea.

wrestlingdesires :

I will take their support money they gave me and convert it into Hive and give it back to them on Hive.

I would suggest giving it to them as HP. Of course they can power down, but at least they'll have some time to try out Hive before that happens.

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