If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

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I Admit it. I'm Selfish!

What happened today

Over in the Ecency discord we had a brief conversation going that was about content creation and creating for the audience. I had to disagree based on my own experience. In case you haven't figured it out yet I create content on a wide range of subjects. I try to stay focused and at least do a series of content around one central subject. But I just cant even do that. When I create content I don't do it with you, the audience, in mind. In fact I will be brutally honest with you. You are the last person I create content for, lol.

Dont get me wrong!

I do appreciate all the love and rewards you all have thrown at me these last two+ years. It feeds my ego and boosts my drive. But honestly if that all stopped over night I would still keep doing it. Why? Because I create content to feed my own selfish desire to learn. To then take what I learned and create something with it. Whether its a piece of artwork, a song, a podcast, video or just my own opinion on something. I am very selfish when it comes to content creation. I have started several podcasts where the sole purpose wasnt to create a podcast to get a sponsor. It was so I could learn about something. Come to think of it every podcast I've done was to so I could learn something. Lol. I'll go into talking about those some other time.

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I digress

During our chat in discord I (probably a little to verbose) stated that you shouldn't create content about a subject you dont like. I stand by that very strongly. I and others as well, are not interested in reading, watching or listening to someone drone about something they obviously have no interest in. They will argue that the consumer cant tell but, dude, we can. It's plainly obvious when someone does not have a passion for what they are doing. They just phone in the effort. Throw some affiliate links in hoping someone will click on them and buy something. But this goes back to what I said in my How to get the big upvotes post.

You HAVE to be YOU. Dont pretend to be someone else. Dont pretend to be this fancy world class blogger, writer, podcaster, etc. Just be you. Let your own personality shine. Let your passion for the subject shine. If you're a writer and your posts all turn out to be 1000+ words so be it. Dont try to edit and condense everything down to 300-600 words. Words have meanings and they are important. Use as many as you want. Write for what you want to read. Be extremely descriptive and write like you are reading it not knowing whats coming next.

Podcasters and streamers dont edit the life out of your audio/video. There are things called "dramatic pauses" and they can be powerful to make a point. Be excited and upbeat about the subject. If you write scripts then write them as an out line and just start talking after you hit record. Right @dreemsteem? The record button is very important, lol.

Get to the point bonehead!

But my point is this. No matter what content you create. Words, audio or video. The most important thing is to do it for yourself first and foremost. Whether you do it for you own mental health or just because you enjoy it. You are not only your worst critic, but you have to be your biggest fan.

Another thing talked about in the discord

@weone has come up with a new game. I havent tried it out yet but it looks really cool. Weone is a pretty active member in the Ecency discord and is fun to play with and joke around. He does some pretty cool stuff behind the scenes and sometimes doesnt get all the credit he deserves. So I'm gonna lead with generosity here and make him 100% beneficiary of this post. So you should know the drill by now. Upvote this post as much as you can afford. Give it a reblog and share it on the old dilapidated web2 social media's to show just how generous and fun this community is.

Tommorrow I wil go into a little more detail about some of my old podcasts and the origins of the Loud & Proud show on @mspwaves.

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Comments :

th4488 :

Hello unklebonehead

A got a new defenition of selfishness.You set weone 100% beneficiary...lol you yourself a selfish๐Ÿ˜‚. This shows how kind and generous you are.

The point is if we try to do what we don't not like to, we can't go far And eventually we quit doing it.So you are damn right that we should be ourselves, nothing to pretend.But people pretend to be someone else to get noticed.lol

Thanks man. Kudos to you.

dreemsteem :

hhahaha yes - record button.. EXTREMELY important.

funny story - i'm sending messages on telegram - completely sharing my heart - saying things that i've needed to say... look down.

didn't press record.

was talking for 13 minutes. LOLOL

but yes - I agree - the world doesn't need carbon copy presentations about stuff that we can just google.

we want to hear about personal experience. we want to hear the stories - the personality - the perspective!

data is great - as long as I get to know why the data is important to you! hehehehe so yep - agree with ya! :)

hivebuzz :

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por500bolos :

You HAVE to be YOU. Dont pretend to be someone else.

But my point is this. No matter what content you create. Words, audio or video. The most important thing is to do it for yourself first and foremost.

Ah C'mon Bonehead! Everyone here knows you are too anxious to start publishing your own Makeup Tutorials and Cooking Recipes here in the blockchain 'yesterday' if it were possible. And you know it very well!! :D

By the way @unklebonehead, I already upvoted this post with my two cents to render to @weone the credit he deserves. https://ethanwiner.com/Smileys/Thumbs%20Up.gif

Cheers!! :)

mypathtofire :

You could do it, but after a while, the unfulfilling part inside you may become too big for you to continue! Following your passions seems to make sense.

chincoculbert :

I get what you mean but it's hard in a community where you get limited upvotes when you talk about what you're most interested in. Sometimes it's boring to talk about subjects you're not interested in, I get tired, the words just wouldn't come. That's why most times I can't afford to posts about some topics, it just isn't my thing. The joy that comes with talking about your experiences, your new projects and the steps to achieving them cannot be rivalled.

Lol, I give it everything I got most times even if it's 1000 words and it doesn't get as much vote as that post with 300 words, life is like that sometimes . Thanks for encouraging me to be more of myself, that's what everyone wants to see..

itsostylish :

Yes, itโ€™s super important to create content for yourself, regardless. Always check the record button. Haha ๐Ÿค—โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• I arrived here via DreemPort ๐Ÿ’•

shadowspub :

Good lord ... creating content about topics you're not interested in was for school... Do topics of interest. Dialing it in with topics you don't care about shows and turns off the reader/listener.

tengolotodo :

I am in total agreement, first of all I am me and I haved a life and am at the age where I don;t really give two flying pigs what people think. I create content that interests me and is what I like. If people like it then woohoo, unless it is for a paid competition on other sites, but then you are writing for the judges;)

Hi there Unkle Bonehead it is Week 1 Day 4 of the ecency dreemport challenge! How are you still enjoying it? I am popping in today as one half of The Charming Rascals! Are you ready for tomorrow? Did you click on the ๐Ÿ”‘ in this post You're in the right place! Nice job from dreemport? IF so bring a bottle and see you on Friday, If not then click it now, any questions let me or Dreemsteem know. Have fun and see you tomorrow PS Bring a bottle!

melinda010100 :

Congrats to @weone on his brilliant new game! And once again thank you for inspiring the #leadingwithgenerosity tag! I just used it on another post, too!

graciousvic :

Dreemer sent me

weone :

Yep, I totally agree provided the content is orignal and not a cheap scrapoff. Your podcasts are amazing. Keep up the good work mate. Tenks for the mention. Stay Blessed!!!

cool08 :

It's not even the best to creat a write up about the topic you don't like. You would not perform properly just because of your mindset towards the topic. I have been so busy and this has made me sluggish in chatting in the ecency discord group.