If a bonehead can do it whats your excuse?

Date: 08/30/2022 - Upvotes : 65 - Words : 268

Hello World! The Defluenced Podcast is on Hive!

I personally am no stranger to Hive. I've already been here for 2 years. But just so you know who this really is I am @unklebonehead.

This is where a new podcast will live on Hive. The podcast is called Defluenced and as it says in the description of the profile. We will be exploring the who, what, why and how to be decentralized in tomorrows online world today.

This is gonna be a big one for me. It's so big that I need help and am recruiting a cohost. He's been in and out since the steemit days and I'm just waiting for his ok to announce it. But we have a lot to talk about and this is going to be a blast. Topics are going to cover all different aspects of what is #cryptosocial media, why we need it, why you want it and how to do it. We will do reviews of these different platforms and attempt to make the confusing understandable.

The audio/video files will be on Anchor so they can be auto distributed to all the major podcast platforms. That feed will also be syndicated through our site and then to here on Hive through Ecency. It will also be on YouTube and Rumble. Possibly Bitchute as well.

There will be an official launch post once I get everything set up and all the links it will be distributed to set up and finalize.

Now gonna go do a test post to make sure I got the right keys set up on the site to post to this account.

Till next time. Unkle Bonehead

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Comments :

defluenced :

Im a moron. This was supposed to be on the @defluenced account, lol!

unklebonehead :

Since I posted this to the wrong account I will attempt to move the rewards payout of this post to the @defluenced account when the payout is done. So my personal account will not get these rewards. In full disclosure I am sharing all the rewards of the defluenced account with my cohost.

sandymeyer :

Love it!

Difd you know every video on threesoeak has a rss feed, ergo can be recived as a podcast!

Also check out @aureal for podcasts on hive! You know that one?

I ask because you do not mention them ;)

All the best and I am exidet to see (hear) this!


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beatzchain :

Nah never heard of a @unklebonehead