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A History of My Podcasts and Live Streams

Loud & Proud

Most of you here on Hive know me from my show on @mspwaves Loud & Proud. The links are in all of my footers if you want to check it out. Yes the show has been going in it's current form for a little over a year. While its no longer recorded and posted for later viewing because it is an "in the moment" show that nobody in their right mind would find interesting to watch at a later time. It really is a show that you have to experience live to enjoy. That plus trying to edit 4 hours of video is a completely insane task no human should have to endure. But what you dont know is that the show was originally only 2 hrs and syndicated on 3 internet radio stations back when it first started and was on air from 2010-2012. It had 4 hosts like it currently does. The original line up was Johnny Gearjammer, El Chazmo, Gary Fender and myself. It featured regular guest ChrisP, Nurse Nunu and virtually endless line up of local Michigan metal musicians. We did skits such as "Love Tips with Dr Fister" that featured real email questions from listeners, "Tech Tips with Chet", "Unkle Bonehead what's..." where I would answer weird questions and a whole slew of other discussions about nearly every headline we could find.

The Studio Setup

This was key to making the whole thing work. It was all ran from my basement studio where Gary, ChrisP & Nurse Nunu would be in with me in real life. John was always on the phone because his regular scheduled route had him in Wisconsin at a delivery during showtime. El Chazmo was in his studio in Rosebush, MI. He was also the owner/operator of The Bush Radio, one of the stations we were on. So he handled the broadcast of it there. I was pushing the stream to The Den and UBSN stations from my studio.

It was an absolute blast to produce the show. But life got in the way and job changes happened and we had to put an end to the show. A few years later I got John to join back up with me and we revised it to the current iteration that can be heard on MSPWaves. Sadly it's nothing like the original where we were doing skits and had characters to portray. I would love to do it like that again but to be honest we are having way to much fun with what we have now with audience participation.

There is a Loud & Proud community I created. All posts are welcome and if you cant figure out a community to post to you are free to post there. The only requirement is that you actually have a passion about the content you post and just be Loud & Proud about who you are. There is no token for it but I have tossed around the idea of creating one for it. Regular listeners to the Loud & Proud show know what the token is. And it is a joke token not to be taken seriously at all.

The Self Hosted Podcast

This podcast was entirely self serving. I started it as a way to share my experience in learning how to self host all of my stuff on a home server using a Linux distro called Yunohost. It is what led to me to eventually finding Hive and while I have officially quit the subject of self hosting. I did morph it into DecentraCast.


Yes there is a @decentracast Hive account. I started it as a way to keep it separate from my account here. But gave up on it cause handling multiple accounts for what I am passionate about is just too much. This is Web3 and the product isnt a podcast. On Web3 the product is the individual. So I decided it was best to just make my content under one roof. Since my content is self serving first and foremost. The audience can take it or leave it.

The Unkle Bonehead Show and NTROradio

NTROradio (pronounced "intro radio") was many things. It was a podcast and a short lived radio station. I started it as a successor to my first ever podcast The Unkle Bonehead Show which ran from 2004 - 2009 and it to was started as a way for me to learn how to podcast. I was originally looking to learn about digital recording of my guitar when I ran across podcasting and The Podsafe Music Network. I then realized there are a lot more talented musicians in the world and started the podcast to get them more coverage. It's due to The Unkle Bonehead Show & NTROradio that I have over 50GB of music form indie musicians around the globe. All different genres and has led me to stop listening to terrestrial radio for well over a decade. The only thing terrestrial radio is good for is news. And you cant even trust that to be just the facts anymore. Every station, every broadcast has bias in their reporting and will only tell you what it thinks is important. The Unkle Bonehead Show was without a doubt the longest running and most downloaded podcast I've ever done. At the high point it would get 3000 downloads each week. Which was pretty huge for a music podcast back then. It had voice overs from some pretty big names in the world of broadcasting/podcasting and even had a artists send me shoutouts to play during the show. It was a blast to hear someone from the other side of the planet saying "This is (insert name here) you're listening to Unkle Bonehead play my brand new song". I then added a whip crack sound with a "Brand spanking new" voice over. Then the music would play. The podcast used "Terminal Velocity" by Greg Jones - not an affiliate link.
I still to this day receive cd's and other swag from artists that I ended up creating relationships with from these two podcasts. Because I became a fan of every artist I played. If I didnt like the music it didnt get played. Plain and simple. Some of these relationship still carry on today and I correspond with some of them monthly or at least annually. That is what is truly amazing about podcasting. It creates personal friendships. And I love that!

Ryan's Top Shelf

This was a podcast that was about other podcasters. I did 15 episodes and interviewed all the current (at that time) greats of podcasting. Ray Ortega, Daniel J Lewis, Cliff Ravenscraft, Pat Flynn, David Jackson, etc. In it I had 10 questions and they were the same 10 questions asked of every guest. It was a great learning experience and I would have loved to have kept it going. But life got in the way once again and I had to end it.

That about sums it up

I dont really have anything else to say about the history of my podcasts. There wasnt really a lesson or a tip for today other than dont ever give up on what you like to do. Just because life gets in the way of fun. It's up to you to adapt and change to keep the fun going. Thats what I've been doing for years. Adapt and continue.

Have a beautiful rest of your day and be kind to each other. Do your best to cultivate friendships and they will last a lifetime.

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Other shows I do: Loud & Proud on MSPWaves.com LIVE ONLY! This is the big weekly live show that we do on Discord. It's hosted by Johnny Gearjammer, thisnewhackergirl (Andi), @nineclaws and myself. Sometimes when Radioman can be there he will be. The last weekend of the each month we all meet in the #general-voice room to do the show. All audience members are invited to turn on their mics and talk about anything they want. It's kinda like a rave but online, lol. No topics are too taboo and it's always a very very adult oriented show. So plan on being offended. It's every Saturday night 8-11pm Eastern To join the discord to chat go to https://mspwaves.com/discord. It will open your discord for you to join.

It's streamed on these sites from the station https://mspwaves.com https://www.vimm.tv/c/msp-waves https://mspwaves.theta.tv/

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