The War on Crypto S2Ep18

Allen & Unkle Bonehead discuss the recent lawsuits filed by the SEC against Binance and Coinbase.

Riding the Waves on Ecency's Decks 2.0! S2Ep17

Ecency released a major update earlier this week and it’s probably the best they’ve ever done.

Whats next for Dbuzz? S2Ep15


The Dbuzz proposal on Hive passed within a week of its drop. So we got @nathansenn on to talk about it and whats going to happen with Dbuzz and what to expect over the length of the proposal. It’s exciting and you dont want to miss this interview.

What is the form of a perfect internet? S2Ep13

Today’s episode was spurred, as usual, by the Cryptocracy newsletter. One of the stories Allen reported on was about what is the perfect internet? So that’s what Allen & I riffed about.

Paragraph, Unicorns & AI, OhMy! S2Ep12

Allen & I talk about the moving of the Cryptocracy newletter to Paragraph from Substack. Why he did it and the multiple benefits for both him and the readers.

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