Live Stream

I stream live on Cast.Garden

It’s the only place I stream my solo stuff. If you want to see & hear the good stuff you gotta go here. It’s decentralized, federated & based on Peertube. It even has a SNaP on Lokinet and an Onion site for those of us in the know.

Times I most often go Live:

  • Tuesdays from 5pm - 6pm eastern standard time.

  • I will randomly go live other nights as well. Usually after 7pm. Watch Dbuzz, Ecency and Twitter for announcements.

  • Saturday mornings are always up for grabs if I have something to say or found some awesome music.

  • Saturdays 7pm - 10pm eastern standard time.

    Saturday nights are simulcast on MSPWaves, VimmTV and ThetaTV as well as CastGarden.

Other places you can find me: