I Give Up on...

October 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes
***This post was originally posted to the Hive social media blockchain 09/27/2022 using [Ecency](https://ecency.com">https://ecency.com)*** I went on a Tweet rant this morning because I'm just tired of watching and reading the news. I never feel good about anything anymore. The news just puts me in a bad mood and ruins my day if I partake of it early in the morning. So I'm done with it. I am making a concerted effort to avoid any and all news until at least lunch time. Onto a couple of much more fun things to talk about. Today at 11am EST @cryptocracy1 are going to be reviewing Hive as a social media platform for the @defluenced podcast episode that will be released next Wednesday. You are welcome to come watch us do it live on my [Twitch channel](https://www.twitch.tv/unklebonehead). And then this evening I plan to watch the Life After Google talk with George Gilder. Kinda excited about this. I've never seen one of his talks but I've seen several interviews he has done with people. He's a killer smart guy when it comes to this stuff. There is also a rumor that @starkerz and @theycallmedan will be there too. Although I'm not sure if they are going to be talking or just in attendance. Either way I'm a little giddy for this talk. [Here is the link to watch it at 645pm CST.](https://channels.insideosu.com/media/1_nsy595sp) Below the really great pic I found on Pexels. I am posting my Tweet rant from this morning. ![](https://images.ecency.com/DQmcQimrNkWyjg5sh8t6qvPQgSV2ZdpQCvYPiGz2Gq3FTn6/pexels_brett_sayles_1194196.jpg) [Photo by Brett Sayles](https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photo-of-man-thinking-in-front-of-analog-wall-clock-1194196/) ### My Twiter Rant ***These tweets are mine that I posted on Twitter 09/27/2022 between 458am - 517am EST.*** I think I'm just going to give up on all news media. Mainstream and small outlets. None of them tries to actually just report a news story. Literally everything is written or presented smothered with bias one way or the other. Telling me what I should think. I'm not ready for the world to start burning and I do think there is still hope for the human race. But it will require a a whole lot of people to admit to themselves that no matter how right they think they are. They are not. Including myself. Is it our fault? Absolutely! We allowed a consortium of a few people to collude with mass media to tell us what to think & believe. That led to a mass populace to "group think" that this small amount of people were what the majority agreed on. It's all of our faults. If we had taken the time to remain individuals that didnt just "watch the news". Taken time to question the who, what, why & how everything was reported identically the same everywhere. Word for word most of the time. Not once did we ever question the script. Just repeat it. Some where in the last 200+ years we've lost the words of Thomas Jefferson. "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” Stand strong my peeps. Take your blindfolds off and drop the chains from your wrists. Be a free thinking individual. Question authority, question the hate and question the "news". Don't just follow. Get off your ass and lead. Be ungovernable. You can change the world!


Just an old bag that likes to be decentralized and utilize Free Speech. I love and use Linux and as much FOSS as possible for work and play. Current favorite distro is Tromjaro with Pop!OS as a close second. As it stands I am currently extremely happy with Tromjaro but will be checking out Pop again when they get their rust desktop released. I may not go back to it full time unless I can somehow magically afford a System 76 Thelieo or Meerkat.