Hanging with Kencode DefluencedPodcast S2Ep10

Today we got to hang out with @kencode, one of the developers of the Hive-Tube plugin and the master mind behind CastGarden

We find out who he is where he came from and just how much into code he really is.

This was a fun interview.

Current Hive-Tube sites

https://Vigilante.tv (alt news)

https://BeeToons.tv (animation)

https://Cast.Garden (podcasters)

Where to find out more:

Agorise, Ltd. | PeakD



http://agorise.chat - Matrix room

agorise@pm.me - Contact Ken

Wether you are already a podcaster, video content creator or just starting out. CastGarden is a great place to be. It’s bridging the gap between the #Fediverse and the best in blockchain based #Web3, Hive.