Dont lose sight of the end goal!


I originally posted this back in January of 2023. But I think it still needs to be said so I am reposting this here hoping to ram the message home. Once again.

I’ve noticed a rift is beginning to occur. Many people are knocking CastGarden & similar apps without even trying them. If you are one I ask you to stop doing it. You are being no better than the old guard on Web2 screaming that Web3 is shit. You are being a two faced cry baby worried about your personal investments and denying what #Web3 is really about.

Web3 is not a crypto bros only destination.

  • It does not belong to any single blockchain.

  • It does not belong to any single protocol.

  • It does not belong to any single ecosystem of apps.

  • If there is an app you should try it and make your own decision to use it or not.

  • Dont try to sway others as to what you personally like or even have an investment in. If the app is better it will win.

  • Dont ever try to be a maxi on one single blockchain or protocol. If that happens and we end up with only one guess what. You just became centralized, again. In the immortal words of Red Foreman, “Dumbass”.

  • Dont do the proverbial “look a gift horse in the mouth”. These apps have expenses and there is typically a value attached to a blockchain which it then becomes a currency. That is how they pay for the physical infrastructure for the apps and the development of them. That stuff is not, never was and never will be free. Some of these apps/developers do take a percentage of rewards. I know of only a couple that have agreed to take less as the rewards become more valuable. Many of other projects have never stated that they would take less. So that insinuates that they will keep the same cut. No matter how valuable that token is. This is why you see them shilling so hard for one coin or the other. BE AWARE OF WHAT IS THEIR END GOAL!

    The end goal for #Web3 is NOT to make a huge profit for a few select people. The end goal is Freedom, privacy, security & autonomy for all users.