Ubuntu Sway Remix 23.04

***Originally published June 2023***

I heard about this distro on The Linux Cast's YouTube channel and tried it out. I am in love with this! I have it installed on 2 machines already and been daily driving it both at play & the day job. The only problem I've ran into is a weird bug with PCManFM's right click menu opens on the monitor to the right. I cant figure that one out. But this implementation of Sway is very easy to configure and make it your own. Flatpak is not enabled by default but the best thing is neither is snap. It is obviously running Wayland but I've experienced no issues as of yet.

As long as they continue on the trajectory they are on this just might be the distro that kills Pop!_OS for me. I love it.

Links: Ubuntu Sway - https://ubuntusway.com/

My repo for themes & neofetch configs - https://github.com/unklebonehead/ubuntusway-yaru-colors

Matt's Review - https://youtu.be/UZh7TREkcSk

** Side note ** I was little harsh on Matt's review & how he and Distrotube do distro reviews. I wasnt trying to hate on them. Just wanted to point out how they approach a review differently of window managers and desktop environments when they are supposedly reviewing the distro it's self. I honestly dont think they realize they do it. I think Matt can see this because he mentions in his review about searching for alternative apps when switching distros & operating systems.