Jellfin - It's all you need

***Originally published December 2023***

Jellyfin is an open source streaming media server. It can be hosted on a VPS or in your local network on an old laptop or even a Raspberry Pi. The specs required to run it are pretty low so it can run on just about anything. I have it on my home network on an old desktop with an i7 and 20gb of ram. It's running CasaOS on top of Ubuntu Server 22.04.

Install is super simple and even easier if you are using something like CasaOS, Umbrel or Yunohost. They all have one click installers.

With Jellyfin you can manage and access your movies, tv shows, music, books, photos and even live tv/dvr from any device. Through any web browser and there are also apps for the mobile platforms.

In the video I go over what it looks like and how I have mine set up and talk about the quaility of the video stream.

Find out more, try the demo and download Jellyfin at their website here