In case you hadnt noticed


In case you hadn't noticed

Which you most likely did miss it considering nobody really reads this site. But I gave it a facelift. I had a friend point me towards Lets Decentralize the other day and have been perusing their site ever since. I immeadiatly fell in love with the color scheme and layout. It seems to fit in nearly perfect with my logo. So I thought I would just borrow at least the css of it. All I really did was change the shade of blue and a little bit of the layout.

Some changes are a foot

I've completely done away with using Hugo or Jekyll at this point. I'm finding it kind of dumb to use something like that for as little as I update my site or feeds any more.

And before you go off bitching about the rss feed for this one, yes I took it off. I screwed it because I was using the one that the Hugo theme created and I dont know how to write a custom rss feed yet. I will have one soon enough though.

As a result of doing away with the SSG's I'm now just keeping a simple static html blog. This is the most satisfied I've felt with my own personal blog in, well, ever. It looks great to me. It feels like me and it's really simple to post to for me. There will be the one for the world hosted by a github repo. And I am also going to mirror it to the "dark web".

Ohhh, now thats a scary word aint it? Lol. It's not scary. It's just decentralized and not the normal web. I will be mirroring it to Tor and i2P for now. I will start posting links for the audio/video podcasts on the posts as well. Those will be from CastGarden's Onion site. You are also able to CastGarden through Lokinet as well.

I'm also even considering a radio station on i2P as well since that was my main goal with Defluenced Radio 2 years ago. I have run across 2 radio stations on i2P so I know it's possible. I just need to find out if I can do it from home or if I have to get a vps again.

Whats coming up from me

I'm going deeper into the rabbit hole on being decentralized. I will have a stream/podcast about the whole "Web3" thing and how I was wrong for pushing it as hard as I did. I've been coming to that realization over the last year or two while producing "The Defluenced Podcast" with Allen Taylor. Allen & I havent had a falling out or anything like that. He's still a hell of a guy. I just dont agree with what is being pushed as "Web3". There is nothing but crypto bros in it and I am not one of those kinds of people. I am not a salesman. I just want Freedom of everything, including shit tokens. 99% of crypto currency is centralized by nature and there is nothing private about them either. Tim Burners Lee was right. The original plan of a decentralized web where people host their own websites and other things is the only true way to be decentralized. I'm also going to be either getting into an existing webring or starting one of my own. There are just way too many cool things out there on the internet to not share the love of them.

Thats about it for an update.

Give me some feedback and thoughts on the new site. I'll be adding links to the Tor and i2P versions soon as well as other places.