How to fall off a stage


How to Fall Off a Stage - A True Story

***This was originally posted as a part of a contest on Dreemport and Ecency. I decided to keep it and post it here since is my history with the band Slight Case of Death***

Hello Dreemers and Ecencials! It's day 2 of the Dreemport Ecency Challenge and I have to credit my partner, @blackdaisyft in the challenge, for inspiring this one. She wrote about her experience at a music festival here. You should go read it.

But it reminded me of my "Rock Star" days when I was playing guitar for S.C.o.D. Which stands for Slight Case of Death.

A little history about the band

We were never a "big band" by any means. But we did gain quite a bit of attention between the cities of Flint, Saginaw, Lansing and even a bit of Detroit. We had a cool little collection of fans that would follow us for a time being to every show. We called them the SCOD Squad, lol.

Like I said we weren't a big band by any means. But we were really well known in the Michigan area. We didn't play a lot of shows. Very few in fact. I think 10 in a year was our busiest. It's not that we thought we were elite or anything. It was in actuality we were all responsible adults with jobs and families. If we didn't have those things we probably would have gotten somewhere.

Our biggest claim to fame was opening for Great White at The Soaring Eagle Casino. It was part of a Music Festival called 11/11/11. And yes that was the date it was held on. That day was epic for us. We got to meet and hang out with Great White, my best friend got married there, we played to a standing room only crowd that was estimated to 3000 people, the entire festival was broadcasted to the entire casino and hotel. But the icing on the cake was random people stopping me & my wife all night long asking for autographs. Before you ask. Yes I signed my name as Unkle Bonehead, lol.

But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about the time I fell off the stage and kept playing. When I would play shows I was usually the one dude on the stage other than Gary (vocalist) that would run around, jump, bang my head through an entire song. And I was usually, not so much drunk, but had enough in me to feel good. Well this night we were headlining which means we were the last to play. The grand finale if you will. I typically will go through a couple of pitchers of beer by myself with no problem. Still just buzzed but not drunk. But that's not what ended up happening.

One of the SCoD Squad had brought an entire fifth of whiskey and Peach Schnapps for the squad to consume for the evening. I was then asked to help finish them off. Which I was happy to oblige but, I not being in my right mind and forgetting we still had yet to perform, finished them off in a grand fashion.

I'm not sure exactly what or how the show was going. But I remember being on stage rocking out, banging my head and getting very, very dizzy. Now keep in mind it wasn't that big of a fall. It was only maybe a 6-8 inch riser I was on at the time. I didn't get hurt or any injured in any way. I just basically ended up in the middle of the mosh pit. Which surprisingly made way for me and they all politely avoided hitting me and my guitar. Another reason why I love the metal community. They have mad respect for each other. Its just a natural thing.

But my little 6 inch fall of the stage seemed to go down in history with the band and the Scod Squad who never let me live it down. From that night on there was always a smart ass at every show with a tape measure checking the stage height and putting a tape mark on the stage for me to stay behind.

Summing it up

Like I said the band was a lot of fun. Even though we never recorded an actual real EP or went on any tours. We had a big enough fandom that we did headline a lot of local shows. We were in high demand because we were known as an "in the moment, must see live or miss it" band. I don't regret any of it and I miss the fans the most.

To those who think that metal is nothing but trash

No matter what you think about metal music. There is no other music community that is as dedicated, respectful and protective of their fellow members. They don't care about your politics, your sexual preferences or anything like that. You go to a metal show. You are family. You are accepted as you are. To me that's an awful lot like Hive feels to me. So maybe we are all Metal Heads on here and we don't even know it.


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