An Average User's POV: Ubuntu 24.04


Ubuntu 24.04:Distinguishing the Hate Hype from the Truth.

This is all from the pov of an install of the beta. When the final release comes out I will use install it and see if it has any changes on these. But this is my intial reaction of a weeks worth of using it in my day to day in both work and play.

How I am handling package management

I will first go to the default app store. If its in there and from Ubuntu proper I will use it. Snap or deb, does not matter to me. If it's an app from a 3rd party I will first check with the developer. If they officially support a snap then I will use it. If they only officially support a flatpak I will use that. Tbh, this is how all users should use software.

Truth be told I'm not really a fan of Snaps, Flatpaks or Appimages. I like the good old fashioned debs. But I can understand the use cases for the alternative package management. Im not a fan because of the propriatary back end of Snaps. But I get why Canonical did it. To limit the amount of crappy 3rd party stores. Flatpaks while they seem to be the most popular and wide spread of the 3 they have become that what they have set out to avoid. Sure there are a couple of distros that have their own Flatpak repos, but there is essentially one Flatpak repo that most people use, Flathub. I am not a fan of centralized services of any kind. The runtime updates and most of the packages are out of control when it comes to their size and amount of updates. It's beginning to get insanely stupid to admin your own system if you have a lot of flatpaks installed. Its complete and utter bloat.

I have a 2TB external hard drive that I keep my data on. It's half full of stuff I want/need to keep at a momments notice. I also have 2 500GB internal ssd's. 1 is only 40% of stuff I use day to day for the day job. The other is my root. I ran Pop!OS (2 yrs 1 install), Dual booted ZorinOS & Pop (almost 1 yr), then Debian Bookworm/MXLinux with nearly all the apps I thought I needed to have as flatpaks on all of those distros. the root drive was never less than 30% full except for when I was only using Pop!OS. That was only down to 20%. With this install of the 24.04 beta I've kept the flapaks to minimum and using mostly snaps and debs. I am currently only using 12GB of a 500Gb drive.

Appimages are pretty much moot for me. I havent found an app that is only distributed as an Appimage that I want or need to use. So it's easy for me to ignore them.

The hater's points I have found to be untrue about Ubuntu 24.04

What's it got and auto upgrade schedule?

Remember that with Linux, it's not what you use that matters. It's that you use Linux thats important.